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About Us

Northern Ohioans for Wind (NOW) is a grassroots organization that gives a voice to those who support renewable wind energy development in Northern Ohio.  Wind energy is driving new investment, creating jobs, and adding new tax revenue for communities across Northern Ohio counties.


There is a small but vocal opposition group, led by a group out of Michigan that uses the Internet to spread fear and misinformation on wind energy here in Ohio. NOW was started to work proactively on educating and advancing the real and significant benefits that the wind industry will bring to Northern Ohio - including school funding, landowner payments, county and township payments as well as money for improved roads and infrastructure.


We need your help! Join us and help spread the word about wind energy here in Northern Ohio.


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Did you know...

Ohio’s revised wind setback law is 2-3 times larger than those required by most other states because of this only 1% of Ohio’s state electricity generation is from wind? (

Some rumors persist about sound from wind turbines and human health. The reality is that numerous independent studies and government health organizations from around the world have found no link between human health and wind turbine sound.


The Issues. Plain and Simple. 


Property Values

Wind energy can be said to “be the best cow in the barn” for many farmers.  Wind energy development can help keep Northern Ohio farms sustainable in the face of higher property taxes and production costs. 


In fact, data shows that wind development provides significant opportunities to increase farmland returns in the form of consistent, long-term income for properties with wind projects.


A second major study on wind farms and property values conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and released in August of 2013 analyzed more than 50,000 home sales near 67 wind facilities across nine U.S. states and did not uncover any impacts to nearby home property values. 


“Neither the view of wind energy facilities nor the distance of the home to those facilities was found to have any consistent, measurable, and significant effect on the selling prices of nearby homes,” the study found. 


Alternative Energy Zone

Alternative Energy Zones (AEZs) are important tools for renewable energy development. An AEZ guarantees the benefits that a project will bring to local communities over the lifetime of the project.


AEZs provide steady and reliable payments to the project’s beneficiaries including school districts, counties, and townships.  These payments will remain at the same level over the life of the project.


This certainly is good for the recipients and allows for better planning for roads, schools and other important publically funded projects and services in Northern Ohio.



Through the use of fear tactics and fake narratives, Ohioans have been sold a false bill of goods when it comes to setbacks. 


Ohioans have been told that setbacks will somehow protect them.  On the contrary, the only thing that setbacks will protect Ohioans from is the development of advanced energy sources such as wind.  This development employs more than 25,000 Ohioans and contributes billions of dollars annually to the Ohio economy. Our state is in a great position to participate even more in this energy economy if we can overcome obstacles to common sense conservative development, such as setbacks.


In addition to hurting the economy, setbacks infringe on the constitutional rights of landowners to use their land in a lawful and responsible manner.  Setbacks set a dangerous precedent, taking away the constitutional right to determine the use of one’s own land.  It also rewards large landowners while penalizing smaller ones;  for example, if you own thousands of acres, a 1000 foot setback is not a big deal but if you only own a few acres, this setback has a much bigger negative impact on the ability to use your land. 


Did you know...

The top 3 leading cause of bird deaths are from cats (1.4-3.7 billion), buildings and windows (365-988 million), vehicles and roads (89-340 million) – wind isn’t even in the top 10? (


Be a Part of Building Wind Energy in Northern Ohio

Renewable energy is slowly becoming an important part of our country’s energy mix, providing a way for us to not only meet our emissions goals but to continue securing an energy future for our citizens.


Join us and others across Northern Ohio as we support this renewable resource. By getting involved, you can stay up to date on everything we’re doing and lend your voice as our state works to create new forms of clean energy and increase the amount of wind generation in Ohio!

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