Northern Ohioans for Wind relies on the people of the community to help show its support for wind projects. It can be tricky to figure out the best ways to have your voice heard and how to support wind energy in your community. This toolkit will give you the resources you need to fight for wind energy that will benefit Northern Ohio for generations to come! 

Using these tips, you can maximize your impact and pave the road for alternative energy sources!


As we recover from COVID-19, the state will be faced with an over $2 billion deficit, an almost 14% unemployment rate, small businesses continuing to shutter, schools unsure of what fall instruction will look like, and all-around uncertainty. But, there is one thing that is certain, Ohio NEEDS to find ways to bring in new jobs and revenues not only to the state but to our local community.

Wind energy employs the most technicians and is the second-fastest-growing occupation in the country, and Ohio is one of the top states in the country for clean energy jobs with around 105,000 available jobs. 

Wind energy development also brings a tremendous, and needed, amount of economic support to rural communities.

Farmers receive over a quarter billion dollars a year in land leasing payments with the average land leasing payments are $2,000 to $5,000 a turbine per year. This kind of support allows farmers to reinvest in their farms, buy new equipment, and secure financial stability for their farm's future. In Paulding County, landowners were paid more than $12 million by the Timber Road Wind Farm, and almost $20 million was spent in a 50-mile radius around the farm.

Plugin quick stats on the benefits to hospitals and schools here! 


The wind projects in Northern Ohio will be utility-scale projects that will supply homes and businesses in our communities with energy. 

There is a small, but vocal faction in our communities that are fighting against the progress of Ohio. WE CANNOT LET THE VOCAL MINORITY SPEAK FOR THE SILENT MAJORITY WHEN OUR COMMUNITY IS AT STAKE!!




Due to COVID-19, the OPSB has opted to hold a virtual public hearing on August 20th. There will be opportunities to speak or submit written testimony.

The public comment period is very important to the permitting process.

The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) is responsible for issuing permits and approving wind development projects and is required to hold public meetings during the permitting process. This is a great way to give your opinion in person since these meetings are designed to hear public concerns.

Once the application for a wind project is submitted, the OPSB holds a formal hearing. Formal testimony at a public hearing is one of the most tried-and-true ways to speak up about an issue as a concerned citizen, but it can also the most nerve-racking.

To prepare for your testimony, keep these few things in mind:

Giving Testimony to the OPSB

Step 1: Do your homework

While sharing your testimony it is important to express why this is personally important to you and it’s just as important to back your opinion with as many facts as you can.

Step 2: Be Prepared

Make sure you know where and when the hearing will be held. Stay current on the agenda as dates and times can change.

Step 3: Preparing your testimony

Written Testimony: You can submit written comments to the OPSB within the comment period to the Docketing Division and make sure you include the case number.

Virtual Testimony: The best way to give an impactful testimony is to organize your thoughts prior to the hearing. It is important to include WHY and HOW the project will affect you.

You can always visit the OPSB’s website for more information!

Spread the Word!

 Social Media is a great and free- way to spread your message online, here are some tips for social media best practices:

  • Short and sweet: It’s important to tailor your post to highlight important facets of wind energy, such as the economic benefits or the importance of diversifying Ohio’s energy profile.

  • #OhioWindNow

    • Tags: decision-makers monitor posts they’ve been tagged in, so don’t be afraid to directly tag key players and let them know your thoughts on an issue

  • Share NOW’s posts and be active on our social media!

    • NOW posts fun facts about wind, important events, and other important information to share

  • Call to action

    • Let your friends and followers know how they can get involved!

  • Pics or it won’t happen

    • Pictures are the best way to capture people’s attention as they quickly scroll through their feeds.



With your support, NOW can grow wind development to create jobs, clean the environment, boost local economies, and allow Ohio to rely on its own energy source. NOW hopes you can use this toolkit as a resource while fighting on behalf of wind development projects. Getting involved in local politics will give you a chance to personally impact policy!