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Supporting a Balanced Approach to Energy is a Must for Ohio

House Bill 6, known as the “Clean Air Program”, gives our legislators an opportunity to support a balanced approach to energy in Ohio. Senators have a chance to remove the anti-wind referendum provision for good, a positive for us all. The referendum would allow local governments to stop wind turbine projects even after they are approved by the state, an extensive regulatory process which would be detrimental to the future of the industry.

Thankfully, Ohio Senators have currently chosen a more balanced approach to energy policy, a win for Ohioans across the state. Let’s hope that they continue to oppose anti-wind referendums and continue to develop sound energy policy providing economic benefits for us all. The agriculture industry has an enormous amount to gain from wind energy. The increased revenue farmers earn through wind turbine development not only helps expand their farming operations, but also helps defend against changes in the price of farming commodities. The stable income farmers earn by leasing their land also opens up the opportunity to reinvest in their farms by buying new tools and equipment.

Besides the environmental benefit, the economic impact of wind farms is staggering. Wind energy companies pay $7 million in taxes annually in Ohio and create 2,000-3,000 jobs. Annual land-leasing payments range from $1-5 million annually and generate enough energy to power 170,000 homes.

In addition, the “energy generation fund” to be established under the bill is another win, providing up to $10 million a year to renewable projects including wind and solar. This news could not come at a better time as companies like Anheuser-Busch, Target, Amazon, and many others are looking for new locations to call home that have the ability to support a transition to cleaner energy sources.

These wind projects will create jobs, providing hard working families a way to put food on the table and keep their lights on. Moreover, the expansion of renewables such as wind help to improve the environment and will also help ensure that businesses and households across the state will have access to reliable energy for generations to come.

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