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Wind Grows Our Economy

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

When you look at how far we’ve come the last 100 years it’s pretty astonishing. For example, do you remember growing up listening to your favorite songs on this?

Maybe you don’t even know what cassette tapes are or how they were used, and instead you grew up listening on these:

This might seem like just yesterday to some, but can you believe that CDs hit the streets nearly four decades ago in the early 80s? And the iPod nearly 20 years ago. Technology continues to rapidly change and improve our daily lives. And thanks to innovation, items once reserved for the wealthy are now accessible to millions of Americans like TVs, computers, and cellphones.

Yet, some still resist new technologies like wind energy that can bring much needed revenues into our community. In fact, in 2018 the wind industry paid over $1 billion in state and local property taxes and land lease payments to private landowners, with Ohio receiving $7 million!

Increased productivity and efficiency have led more companies to invest in wind. This is a great opportunity for Ohio to exponentially grow its place in the industry, contributing to more pay outs and jobs created. Companies like Facebook, Google, AT&T, Target, and more have already announced wind power contracts. For an example of how one company’s commitment to wind can help transform a community, look no further than Iowa, where Google is the latest to invest in the nearby Midwest state with a $246 million wind farm.

As we think about the changing technologies and the future of Ohio’s energy needs, wind will be vital to meeting our environmental goals while ensuring the lights stay on. The time to say “yes” to wind is now, instead of wishing we had later.

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