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Wind Helps Build Our Community

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

The growth of wind across the country has not gone unnoticed. It seems like every day a new company announces a commitment to renewable energy like wind. This is great news for Ohioans, who have a long tradition in Ohio of producing much of America’s industrial needs like metals, machinery, steel, cars, and more. That’s why it’s no surprise that Ohio already has 60 wind-related manufacturing facilities and directly employs more than 2,000! That means over 2,000 households are able to keep up with their basic necessities like food, shelter, and water thanks to wind development. As the industry continues to grow, so too will these opportunities, where more young people can carry on our state’s tradition of manufacturing and production, if they so choose. More than that, saying yes to wind helps attract other businesses to our state and create new growth opportunities for existing businesses, all while contributing to a cleaner environment.

Yet, it’s not just jobs that wind development creates, the $7 million paid in state and local taxes by wind projects helps provide the much needed revenue, especially to our rural communities, to support our public schools, roadways, and public safety. Just look at Paulding, Van Wert, or Harden counties were wind has continued to positively impact their communities. Lincolnview School District was able to provide 915 students access to individual computers thanks to the revenues from wind farms – a life changing experience for those that may not have access to a computer or internet at home. In Paulding, pilot payments total nearly $2.5 million for a county home to just 20,000.

As many have said, there is no reason why Seneca, Huron, Erie, or other counties cannot receive these same benefits wind provides. We have a great opportunity in front of us – one that can help build our communities and provide for our future generations. We have seen the positive impact can have on our community by looking to some of our friends in the western part of the state. Let’s seize this chance before it is too late.

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